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In the fourteenth episode we return to Star Trek The Animated Adventures. In this episode, Once Upon a Planet, the writers re-tread old ground. The crew have finally been given the opportunity for leave, and decide to visit a planet that previously tried to kill them. What could go wrong? A sentient computer trying to kill them is what could go wrong. It’s worth it though, because you get to see a two-headed dragon.


In the thirteenth episode we take our fist look at He-Man, in: Disappearing Act. Join us, as we completely fail to understand the convoluted plot of the episode. Watch in amazement as Skeletor turns invisible, a robot replica of He-Man is created, and He-Man saves the day by using some clothes rather than his brain.

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In the twelfth episode we take our fist look at Spiderman & His Amazing Friends, in: The Triumph of the Green Goblin. Join us, and what sounds like the voice cast of Scooby Doo. Also, I make a gross error in stating when this show was made, and we generally show our lack of Spiderman knowledge. Now also featuring our special introduction.

The Nick And Dilan Show – 12 – Let’s Watch… by the-nick-and-dilan-show

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In the eleventh episode we once again explore space with Star Trek The Animated Adventures. This time the crew encounter Tribbles in: More Tribbles, More Troubles. Will they make it out of this adventure alive? Actually, yes, their lives are never in that much danger. There are Klingons though. And if that doesn’t win you over, there’s also a fat guy.

We return to the world of the Care Bears, in: The Night The Stars Went Out. Just who is stealing the stars from the sky? How are the shrinking and containing giant, hot nuclear reactions? And what is the dark secret behind Care Bears? Find out in this exciting episode!

In episode nine, we return to the slideshow that is Star Trek the Animation. In this episode the cast travel to a strange planet filled with beautiful blonde women. Sounds like Captain Kirk’s kind of planet, until the beautiful women obstruct them!