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In the twentieth episode we again watch Star Trek: The Animated series, and are faced with the most boring episode yet, “The Terratin Incident.” As a result of the boredem, sections of this episode have been cut to shorten it. Consequently, the funny should now be even denser. So find out about the dangers of shrinking, and how teleportation solves everything in this new episode.


In the seventeenth episode we journey back to Star Trek. In this episode, “Mudd’s Passion”, the crew stumble across the slimey Mudd as he attempts to peddle his shoddy wares to a gullible crowd of miners and weird man-bear-pigs. The crew try to lock him up by turning off a light switch. Then big rock monsters appear. Find out how all of this strings together into a somewhat logical story by watching!

In the fourteenth episode we return to Star Trek The Animated Adventures. In this episode, Once Upon a Planet, the writers re-tread old ground. The crew have finally been given the opportunity for leave, and decide to visit a planet that previously tried to kill them. What could go wrong? A sentient computer trying to kill them is what could go wrong. It’s worth it though, because you get to see a two-headed dragon.

In the eleventh episode we once again explore space with Star Trek The Animated Adventures. This time the crew encounter Tribbles in: More Tribbles, More Troubles. Will they make it out of this adventure alive? Actually, yes, their lives are never in that much danger. There are Klingons though. And if that doesn’t win you over, there’s also a fat guy.

In episode nine, we return to the slideshow that is Star Trek the Animation. In this episode the cast travel to a strange planet filled with beautiful blonde women. Sounds like Captain Kirk’s kind of planet, until the beautiful women obstruct them!

The episode CBS didn’t want you to see! Star Trek the Animation is this episode’s feature, and we think it’s the funniest one yet. Join us for the strange framing angles for the animation, and minimal animation work. Also, “Quiet!”.