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There will be some delays while we go about changing things, so please check back again soon. We’re looking at making these changes because Youtube hates us and has made it difficult to post videos, and we’d like to give our vodcast a proper name/image.

In the eighteenth episode we check in on Chuck Norris in Karate Kommandos. This episode, “Target: Chuck Norris”, takes a mature look at the topic of bullying. Why is The Claw such a bully to Chuck Norris? Why, like the bullies in the school yard, does he take out a contract on Chuck Norris’ life? How can those who are bullied cope with and grow from these incidents? Listen in and learn from Chuck Norris.

In the seventeenth episode we journey back to Star Trek. In this episode, “Mudd’s Passion”, the crew stumble across the slimey Mudd as he attempts to peddle his shoddy wares to a gullible crowd of miners and weird man-bear-pigs. The crew try to lock him up by turning off a light switch. Then big rock monsters appear. Find out how all of this strings together into a somewhat logical story by watching!