In the 23rd episode we return to Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. Prepare for the upcoming Spiderman movie by watching some relevant back-story. Maybe not so much relevant as featuring a guy in the same costume. This episode, ‘Sunfire’, features robot samurais and Japanese people. Find out if Megumi thinks it’s a racist depiction of her people and culture by listening in.


In the 22nd episode we dig out something we recorded several months ago and subject you to the shameless-cash-in that is Ewoks. This episode, the first in the series, is titled ‘Cries of the Forest’. Possibly one of the worst animations we’ve watched so far, with one of the most annoyingly catchy themes.

In the twenty first episode we pity the fools in Mister T, an animated series based on the Mr T’s real life. The adventures focus on a brief period during the 70’s, when he was traveling around with a troupe of racially diverse gymnasts. Interesting fact, the ‘African-American Gymnast’ Woody is voiced by Phil LaMarr, the voice of Hermes in Futurama, in his first voice acting role. Also, this show is stupid.

In the twentieth episode we again watch Star Trek: The Animated series, and are faced with the most boring episode yet, “The Terratin Incident.” As a result of the boredem, sections of this episode have been cut to shorten it. Consequently, the funny should now be even denser. So find out about the dangers of shrinking, and how teleportation solves everything in this new episode.

In the nineteenth episode we are faced with the edgey rhymes of MC Hammer, in Hammerman. We are introduced to Stanley, A.K.A. Hammerman, in this episode titled “Rapoleon’. The opening video will tell you everything you need to know about how Stanley became Hammerman, but to give you a brief taster, it includes magical shoes, and rhyming ‘manĀ  with ‘man. The villian is also an original take on Napoleon, if you weren’t able to guess by the title. So be prepared for lots of subliminal advertising of ‘Cant Touch This’, and enjoy Hammerman.

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In the eighteenth episode we check in on Chuck Norris in Karate Kommandos. This episode, “Target: Chuck Norris”, takes a mature look at the topic of bullying. Why is The Claw such a bully to Chuck Norris? Why, like the bullies in the school yard, does he take out a contract on Chuck Norris’ life? How can those who are bullied cope with and grow from these incidents? Listen in and learn from Chuck Norris.